Wonder women wander. women’s trailblazing tour

10 Days


Experience the allure of Malawi through our meticulously crafted tour packages, designed to enchant
and inspire, full of authentic cultural encounters and unforgettable adventures. Join us on an
extraordinary journey of discovery and exploration in the warm heart of Africa.

Package itenary includes:

Day 1 Arrival in Lilongwe

Airport pick up and hotel settling and dinner for tour briefing and introductions.

Day 2. Culture experience at Chingalume cultural village

Immerse yourself in Malawi’s rich cultural tapestry through visits to Chingalume cultural village,
traditional dance performances, and authentic culinary experiences. Engage with communities, learn
about their customs, and create meaningful connections.

Day 3. Cooking and local brewery class

Embark on culinary adventures through Malawi’s diverse gastronomic landscape. Participate in
interactive cooking and brewery classes, where you’ll learn to prepare traditional Malawian dishes
using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and also a local brewery called Thobwa which is a celebrated
Malawian drink.

Day 4. Craft market and Lilongwe tour

Delve into Malawi’s vibrant arts scene by exploring local markets. Discover intricately handcrafted
pottery, and vibrant batik fabrics, perfect for unique souvenirs and gifts.

Day 5 and 6 . Majete game reserve for a Safari adventure

Embark on thrilling safari excursions in Malawi’s renowned national parks the Majete Wildlife
Reserve. Encounter diverse wildlife, from majestic elephants to graceful antelopes, while exploring
pristine landscapes.

Day 7 to 9.Lake Malawi Retreat

Indulge in serene escapes along the shores of Lake Malawi, Africa’s third-largest lake. Enjoy leisurely
sunbathing, refreshing swims, pictures, sunset cruises, Snorkelling and Kayaking.
Community Service Opportunities:
Engage in 1-day meaningful volunteer projects and community service initiatives, contributing to
sustainable development efforts and making a positive impact on local livelihoods.

Day 10: Relaxation and wellness

Upon returning to Lilongwe unwind and rejuvenate with a massage treatment surrounded by
tranquil surroundings for your well-being and relaxation while preparing to embark on your
returning home flight.


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Wonder women wander. women’s trailblazing tour
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